Sales & Marketing Challenges in the life of a company


As you grow, will you hire new Sales or optimize current Sales channels?

Is there a clear definition of Sales Excellence your management operates upon?

Which untapped opportunities are part of this year’s KPIs?

How engaged are your Sales professionals to exceed target?

If these questions are translated in actions in this year’s Sales plan, you’re covered!

If not (yet), The House Of Sales has your back!


When is a good time to get an objective outsider’s perspective in the life of your company?


1.    Expansion

In this phase, you’re ready to expand your team, presence or products offered to your growing customer base.

  • Will you hire more direct Sales?
  • How to ensure new hire ramp up is short and enables your Sales to be ready fast?
  • Who is your ideal channel partner and why?
  • What is your Sales success benchmark?

 2.    Scale Up

As you attract further investment to scale...

  • How to move fast yet build and maintain excellence in your operations, your customer journey and customer experience?
  • How to further build and structure your operations in a cost-effective way?
  • When and where to address process inefficiency to increase sales productivity?

3.    End of a Cycle

  • Revenues are stagnating and your margins are under pressure;
  • Product commoditization requires urgent cost reduction;
  • Is your Cost of Sales in line with your customer lifetime value?

4.    Merger, Acquisition, New Activity

Your company has merged, made an acquisition and has started a new activity.

As you prepare to relaunch revenues, a scan will bring you the hard facts that allow you to  

  • Move teams out of their comfort zone
  • Realize benefits from sales synergies
  • Restructure your product GoToMarket


Are you in for a quick win?

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