Sales as a Service

What we hear in the market'We have been experiencing growing pains since we started hiring Sales and our Partners (who were never really activated) have failed to meet expectations'

Vision: Start- & Scale-ups prefer to focus on core competencies and assets, and therefore decide to externalise their Sales operations.

Mission: BUILD Sales fundamentals first, have them VALIDATED by (potential) customers as the second step and finally SCALE the Sales channels. On top, run and measure Sales operations against agreed KPI's. 


What you get:

  • Sales fundamentals required to scale
  • Comfort to laser-focus on your strenghts
  • Sustainable and scalable growth reducing considerably misalignment and subpar results
  • (Over-)achievement of KPIs linked to bonus/malus variable compensation
  • Faster self-financing and less dependency of external funding 

What we do:

  • Jointly create your Roadmap-to-Growth, including the BUILD, VALIDATE  and SCALE outline
  • Assign a Growth or Transformation manager to run your (international) Sales operations mid to long term
  • Set up a revenue growth engine, from lead to deal
  • Develop direct and indirect Sales channels
  • Run and measure Sales operations against agreed KPIs
  • Handover once you are ready to incorporate your 'own' Sales structure

PS: Als je een Vlaamse KMO bent, kan je van de KMO-P subsidie gebruik maken voor dit Advies traject