Your tactics: 'Doing the right thing(s) right'

Your Sales operations
Your Sales tactics
Your Sales strategy
Sales Scan
Your Sales operations

Only companies with Sales culture continuously invest in their Sales operations excellence

What was your recent investment in People, Processes and Tools?

Your Sales tactics

Doing the right thing(s) right

What is your Sales plan for next fiscal year?

Your Sales strategy

Doing the right thing(s)

What is your company mission over the next 3 to 5 years?

Sales Scan

Each year companies run a financial audit. Excellent organisations also conduct a yearly Sales scan.

When did you recently perform a Sales scan?

What is our business playground?
With THOS we found a partner with an ICT and Services Industry background able to challenge our Sales operations
Maurice Klaver
Manager Operations EMEA
IDS Scheer
Business Forecasting provides us with more accurate insights
Better and more insights in our sales funnel thanks to THOS
'Business Forecasting' provides us with a broader and more in-depth knowledge of our future sales funnel. The concept delivered by THOS - extending our existing forecasting methods - enables us to optimize the efforts of the sales team. It has greatly helped us to define budgets for the years to come. We have understood where to plan for additional sales investments.
Wim Cardinaels
Sales Manager
Cegeka Professional Services
1. Develop your Sales plan

Customer feedback: 'We want all our limited resources to focus their best efforts on the right opportunities and customers.'

What you GET:

  • Kick-start your go-to-market with the right data to achieve the number
  • Understand how to build the organisation required to sign your must-win customers
  • Improve efficiency through process, technology metrics and best practices

What we DO:

  • Interview all company stakeholders
  • Develop a sales and data plan
  • Define how you interact with prospects and customers
  • Organize your Operations to pursue sales effectiveness




2. Develop your Account planning (process)

Customer feedback: 'Account Planning turns a customer into a partner'

What you GET:

  • Knowledge on how a customer becomes a partner
  • Clear understanding of the strategic and tactic priorities of your Top customers
  • Powerful process that align all parties involved in your company

What we DO:

  • Design a Strategic Account Plan for your Top customers, aligned to your business strategy
  • Implement the process within your organization
  • Coach your customer facing teams on co-creating the Plan with their customers
  • Analyze the results and adapt according to your evolving go-to-market strategy


3. Funnel and forecasting coaching

Customer feedback: 'Business Forecasting enables us to plan our budgets and investments with far more precision than ever before'

What you GET:

  • Accuracy of your forecast
  • Understanding of the gap to target
  • Optimisation of efforts and investment
  • Belief and motivation of your Sales team to reach targets

What we DO:

  • Workshops on grassroot forecasting techniques
  • Accompany Sales Teams to build a solid, committed and achievable forecast
  • Build or work with existing processes and tools to provide clear and precise insight into the forecast
  • Quarterly coaching session of your Sales team on reaching and overachieving