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The Reality Circle program was energizing!
Prior to the delivery of the workshop THOS took the time to carefully understand our business environment to ensure that his program was customised to hit the mark. The facilitation style was enjoyable and the practical concepts allow for immediate application. All of our team found the sessions highly valuable and motivating
Jamie Osmond
Jamie Osmond
Oceania Sales Manager
AGFA Healthcare Australia

The following local market challenges were submitted to THOS prior to delivering the Reality Circle program:

1. Customer intimacy:

  •     Are we visible enough to our customers?
  •     Do we meet their needs?
  •     Do we strike the right level of relationship often enough?

2. Fast onboarding of 4 new Key Account Managers hired over the last 18 month period

3. Crowded and competitive market landscapes. We continually are faced with the challenge of overcoming competitors with lower priced competitive offerings. We need to better educate our customers about the AGFA quality advantages and focus the sales team to sell value over price

4. We need to increase our strike rate on key large scale projects. Too often we get to the tender demonstration and presentation phase, yet fail at this final evaluation point.  Given that we now have a new and exciting product in this space (Enterprise Imaging), making improvements in this area will be very important for us in 2016 (and beyond) as new markets open up

5. Selling at the right level and understanding our customer buying cycles. Too often I believe our sales team are not comfortable selling to the 'C-Level' decision makers

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