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Energise our Sales teams and dealers
THOS Sales professionals apply an interactive and challenging approach to grow our global Sales teams: Instilling a belief that we can make the difference, cultivating an open-minded curiosity and properly arming our teams to serve customers and handle competition
Herman Raats
Sales Director Agfa HealthCare Imaging
Agfa HealthCare Global
  • Enable our Sales people and dealers to apply a smarter competitive approach and gain a stronger market position
  • Introducing a 'consistent' Sales approach and behavior for AGFA Imaging Sales teams on a global basis
  • Professionalise our Sales operations: metrics and processes should rule over feelings and assumptions
The Reality Circle workshops + Follow-up sessions
Worldwide program: EMEA, LATAM, China, India
Improved win/loss ratio and margin protection
Consistent Sales approach and behavior on a global basis