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From expert to ambassador
We were curious to see how our experts would react to the reality check presented by Sales professionals. Their initial resistance melted slowly but surely
Christophe Colson
Commercial Director and Partner
BDO Belgium

The collaboration was initiated based on the Reality Circle® program to allow our partners and account managers to identify new and cross-serving opportunities in existing clients as well as to acquire new brands.

  • Help our experts identify new opportunities when dealing with our customers
  • Re-think our behavior and working processes, internally and during customer interactions
  • Grow our new Managers from task- to people-oriented behavior
Collective workshops on Sales fundamentals
Business sparring on real customer scenarios
People assessment in recruitment process
Workshops to introduce BDO Reality Circle process in CRM
Workshops with new Managers
Extend the comfort zone of the BDO experts
Permanent behavior change when proven
Reduce the risk of mis-recruitment
BDO business-driven CRM
Grow new Managers from task- to people-oriented behavior