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The success of a CRM introduction depends mainly on the adoption of it
When introducing a CRM, the majority of time and efforts is spent in the proper technical implementation and its preparation. THOS' Reality Circle® helped us to include BDO-specific processes to make our CRM more as a supporting platform for the business. This way we were able to achieve more buy-in from and adoption by the end-users
Johan De Cooman
BDO Management Advisory
BDO Belgium

When introducing our CRM, the success of this project was certainly depending on a smooth technical implementation but above all on the company-wide adoption of this platform. By nature, CRM are static containers of information. To make it more dynamic and useful to accompany our teams throughout their processes internally and with customers, we called upon THOS' Reality Circle® methodology

Present The Reality Circle® and its impact on getting more control over the business
Workshops to make THOS' Reality Circle® more BDO-specific
A more dynamic CRM aligned with the different BDO-specific business processes
A better adoption of the CRM by the different BDO business units