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The Strategic Account Plan allows for our Account Managers to go deeper into the dialogue with their key customers, to better understand their current and future needs and to strenghten and extend the partnership.
Strategic Account Planning provides us with more accurate insights
Wim Cardinaels
Sales Manager Professional Services

The business environment Cegeka operates in, demands for a thorough knowledge of their customers. Understanding where customers are heading to, allows for the Cegeka Account Management team to accompany them in the implementation of that strategy. A Strategic Account Plan enables Cegeka to understand and challenge the customer in the journey.



Design a Strategic Account Plan, specific to Cegeka key customers
Coaching workshop on co-creating the Plan with key customers
Align internal knowledge on key customers for all Cegeka stakeholders
Follow-up session to discuss key customers' buy-in
Understanding how key customers see the collaboration today
Understanding of the strategic roadmap of key customers
Insight in the customer's decision making process
Belief that customers like to be challenged and are open to new ideas
One 'simple' process that allows top management to have finger on the pulse at all times