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Better and more insights in our sales funnel thanks to THOS
'Business Forecasting' provides us with a broader and more in-depth knowledge of our future sales funnel. The concept delivered by THOS - extending our existing forecasting methods - enables us to optimize the efforts of the sales team. It has greatly helped us to define budgets for the years to come. We have understood where to plan for additional sales investments.
Business Forecasting provides us with more accurate insights
Wim Cardinaels
Sales Manager
Cegeka Professional Services

Cegeka Professional Services count with a senior Account Management team, driven to work closely with their customers and consultants. To strenghten our position in today's fast moving and complex business climate, it is crucial to continuously coach our experienced co-workers. New insights enable them to tighten existing partnerships with our customers.

Analyse current forecasting and potential pitfalls
Build the forecast tool that enables a 1 screen full overview
Workshop on grassroot forecasting with the Cegeka customer base
Follow-up session to improve accuracy
Understanding of the forecast pitfalls
Clear understanding and alignment with the Account Management team
One single tool to continue using in the team meetings
Optimisation of investment and efforts
Commitment to achieve set targets