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Services professionals are our eyes and ears at existing customers
After the Services Ambassadors program, our Engineers and Consultants feel far more comfortable to go into (difficult) conversations with our existing customers. And when identifying additional opportunities, they are capable to ask appropriate questions, create curiosity and get interest from their contacts to eventually grow our collaboration. Next to that, THOS created a group dynamic through the development program resulting in extra motivation, extra revenue & margin and fun
Peter Willekens
Services Delivery Director Benelux

We wanted to motivate our engineers and consultants on client premises to be able to communicate in a different, more commercial way in order to detect new services and solutions with our existing installed customer base. In addition, it creates more customer loyalty and satisfaction if technical skilled engineers pay attention to proper communication and follow up.

Understand existing (dis-)comfortzones
Run Services Ambassadors program
Facilitate Follow-up sessions
A Fujitsu-specific program
Task- and people-oriented behavior of Services professionals
'Permanent' Services ambassadors behavior change