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We called upon The House Of Sales to exchange refreshing insights on our business in transition. Together we organised a development roadmap allowing our Sales and Services professionals to grow and deal with these changing customer expectations. Today, we embrace this change and the inevitable impact on our organisation and people behavior.
Xavier Biermez
President Konica Minolta Region West
Konica Minolta

Since last decade our Business Solutions industry is going through an extreme makeover. Customers acquire no longer machines but solutions and services backed up with a solid business case. As a consequence, we have to continuously reinvent ourselves. Customers expect from our Sales and Services professionals to bring innovating ideas on how to improve their operations while saving on their expenses. Doing more!

Development Center for Sales
Sales recruitment
Grow Sales professionals into Services ambassadors
Assessments of Sales people and management
Grow achievers community
Reduce the risks of mis-recruitment
Larger share of wallet in existing customers combined with improved customer satisfaction
Have the right (wo)man on the job