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Co-creating value with our customers
When turning a team of engineers into Ambassadors, we are better positioned to co-create opportunities and value together with our customers
Nextel Ambassadors
Rudi Jacobs
Operations Director

When THOS asked me the question 'How well do the Nextel engineers detect your customers' needs and wants?', I realized that there was room for improvement. Our engineers were doing their utmost to serve our customers, but were not always detecting the opportunities where Nextel can bring added value.

In a two-phased interactive workshop adapted to our customers, products and services, our engineers have been trained on the communication best practices. Initial resistance quickly phased away when understood that Nextel and they could bring far more value than what they were doing today. Feedback was hugely enthusiastic! A follow-up coaching session showed what worked and how to remedy on situations where the best practices didn't work.

Nextel is now taking up the challenge to work with THOS on measuring the positive impact and on keeping the best practices alive!

Understand the interaction between the Nextel engineers and the customer
Align with management in a Coach-the-Coach session
Conduct 2-day interactive workshops based on existing customer situations
Follow-up session to coach on real-time communications
Work on set KPI's to measure the impact
Nextel specific Ambassadors program
Best practices in communication softskills applied
Build permanent change behaviour to create win-win deals
Measure results through KPI's
A good laugh in a motivational environment