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Customer loyalty is the result from being customer centric and results driven
We have challenged The House Of Sales to create an open mindset amongst our Services professionals to take ownership of the relationship with existing clients
Jo Leemans
Jo Leemans
Group Manager IT Outsourcing

RealDolmen project and service managers have engineering backgrounds. Next to completing their tasks, our customers also expect them to think together with them, bring new insights and offer guidance in new IT initiatives, conduct constructive conversations, both with technical and business people, take ownership and finally deliver results. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction leads to improved loyalty and more business in return

Understand existing (dis-)comfortzones of Services professionals
Deliver 6 workshops of a Realdolmen Services Ambassadors program
Facilitate 6 Follow-up sessions, 2 months later
Provide portal content and interactivity
A Realdolmen-specific program, including familiar offerings and customer scenarios
Interactivity based on Services Ambassador's behavior
Execution of Services Ambassador's best practices in day-to-day operations
A 'permanent' behavior change