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Acquiring and keeping clients satisfied require peak performances!
A solid coaching is recommended. THOS was assuming the role of our customers, hereby showing how to uncover opportunities and proof value in a sustainable relationship. Only this way we create a win-win for all parties
Geert Standaert
Geert Standaert
Regional Director

Together with The House Of Sales we developed Sales Excellence Workshops for our Dealer network:

100% of the participants recommend the workshops to their colleague(s)

‘I fully recommend the training and trainer and that’s rare’
‘Very good and refreshing approach’
‘To the point and useful’
‘Phenomenal! Very interactive thanks to the role plays and the collaboration in small groups’
‘Built up very strongly’
‘Superb, very good interaction during the entire day’
‘I recognized daily challenges’
‘I feel really motivated’
‘Good way to reflect on my customer interactions today’
‘Excellent, I feel I have acquired more tools to put in practice’
‘I will recommend this workshop to everyone’
‘Very professional and constructive approach’
‘An original approach’
‘Very good day well spent, thank you!’
‘Immediately applicable’
‘Very useful’
‘I can immediately start applying the ideas discussed’

Collective workshops in small groups
Learning from each other
Refreshing interactions with customers