Field Services Ambassadors Program

Scope: Grow our Field Services professionals into ambassadors for our company

Audience: Services professionals (Consultants, Project Managers, Pre- & After-Sales Engineers, ...) and Services management with customer interaction

Customer feedback: 'If we fix the problem and we also fix the customer, that customer will buy more from us!'

What you get:

  • More cross- and upsell leads, opportunities and wins from existing customers
  • Improved customer satisfaction (NPS) and loyalty
  • Increase in billable time per head
  • Re-energised Services professionals thanks to a formal recognition
  • Field Services professionals feeling more comfortable in 'difficult' conversations (e.g. change request)
  • Refreshing marketing materials produced by the participants of the program
  • Field Services further moving from cost center to profit organisation
  • Promotion of offerings not in scope of your sales force
  • Growth since your Sales force is focussing on new customer acquisitions

What we do:

A 2-day workshop combined with follow-up sessions that will grow your Field Services professionals into your company's Ambassadors. The interactive workshop contains familiar customer scenarios and your company-specific product and service offerings.

Our customers: Agfa-Healthcare (Field Services, worldwide), Agfa Graphics (Field Services, Europe), Intertek (Benelux), Möbius (Consultants, Belgium), Econocom (IT, France-Belgium), BDO (financial experts, Belgium), KONE (350 technicians), Securitas Alert Services (non-exclusive installers, NL), Fujitsu Technology Services (Service Delivery, Belgium), Viessmann (200+ installers, 3rd edition, Belgium), Zetes (Operations, Belgium), Nextel (> 100 Services professionals, Belgium), RealDolmen (IT Outsourcing group, Belgium), Coresystems (Services, Schweiz), AGCO Harvest (Germany), Easi (Services) and more to come.

Quote: '85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge' (source: Carnegie Institute of Technology)