Belgian startups and growing companies take off

Your strategy

Weeks ago at the Revenue summit of Sales Hacker, one of the key-speakers confronted the audience: 'What is your personal mission?'

Mid May, I'm turning into 50. So far, so good. From there onwards, the plan was to also promote Sales at a University or Business School. Last year, that plan was revised. Since then, my personal mission is to accompany startups and growing companies in reaching their dreams.

Yesterday at the Demoday organised by Startit@KBC, approx. 20 promising startups shared their story with catching enthousiasm. Brilliant assets were presented by passionate entrepreneurs, youngsters and junior mid-livers. 'L' entreprise est une grand aventure humaine,' was and is still - I guess - the credo of J-C Vandenbosch. He's so right!

More than ever before, I'll personally guide - and in extenso The House Of Sales - these startups in scoring their first billable pilot projects, signing their first 3 'must win' deals, taking the hurdles when growing pains show up, or preparing them for fund raising rounds. For sure, the 2nd part of my life will fly even faster and will probably be way too short. 

What is your personal mission?

On that bombshell, I wish you all a inspiring week-end!