On the CEO's radar screen (nr. 3 position)

On the CEO's radar screen (nr. 3 position)
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Once a year, we take the opportunity to share inspiring insights with our customer's CEO's. At that occasion, we bring up the question: 'What are the top 3 focus points on your radar screen?'

3rd place of the most frequently given answers goes to: 'Being agile or having the capacity to continuously reinvent ourselves'.

Indeed, strong companies breathe agility in their offerings, their go-to-market and their people. Senior management are constantly looking outside to anticipate threats or to take advantage of opportunities. Distruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain or IOT allow for innovative business models, leading to clear competitive advantage.

In parallel, CXO are also very receptive to innovative ideas generated from within, hence the need to stimulate intra-preuneurship. Where until recently valuable concepts were taken 'outside' as its innovators felt no ground to seed in the company they were working for,  today intrapreneurs are provided with a platform to further develop their brilliant ideas into a next-generation product or service. These 'intra muros' startups will then grow into new core business for the company. Alternatively, startup communities, chambers of commerce or privatly owner companies also lead corporates innovate like startups.

How do Sales professionals fit in? Always share the vision of your company! When customers understand and acknowledge identic innovative (r)evolutions, you'll create a ground for further collaboration based on a shared vision. You will earn trust only if you bring refreshing insights that concern your customer's business, some of them they were not even aware of.

On that bombshell, we wish you a smashing week-end!