Field Services need to step up their game

Copperberg's Field Service Forum in Amsterdam

A few take aways from this year's #FieldServiceForum in Amsterdam are related to changes in customer expectations:

  1. 'We want it now': In a world where consumers are used to obtain everything in #realtime - referring to Uber, Amazon, AirBnB or self-servicing in general - corporate customers also expect realtime services. A solution to deal with this is #crowdsourcing or building an #ecosystem where your Field Services' teams work in conjunction with partners and freelancers
  2. 'Further reducing our costs': Customers also expect to receive inspiring insights that impact their business ambitions. As a consequence, Field Service Engineers need to be more than problem solvers. The good news is, 'If you fix their problems, and you also fix the customer, that customer will buy more from you!'
  3. 'While maintaining a worldclass quality of service': Customers expect you to deliver #PredictiveMaintenance to reduce the risks of unplanned downtime. An answer to that is #Digitalisation - according to Gartner we will have 75 billion IoT components by 2020 - in combination with Crowdsourcing.

Time for your Field Services to step up to the Industry 4.0 game!