How strategic are you to your customer?

How strategic are you to your customer?

Every once in a while, the roof is on fire! Rumours spread - in your sales organisation - that one of your top customers 'might' be implementing another solution any time now. Late Friday evening calls with HQ, Finance sharing shareholder's nightmares, 14 powerpoint versions with 'The Plan' and a sweating Key Account Manager stuck in between stressed management and a challenging customer ready to 'push' that pricing a bit further down without giving any insight into what they will do next year. Sounds familiar?

By co-creating a Strategic Account Plan with your customer, you can avoid all of the above.

Next to heavily boosting your and your management's serotonine level, there are more advantages to designing this 1-pager (it's NOT a book!) together:

1. You will understand your customer's short and longer term goals - both organisation and stakeholders alike - which enables you to better align your investment in time and resources;

2. Agree on the standards to measure the positive impact your partnership is having on your customer's business;

3. The decision making process becomes clear. Logical, you haven't 'really' asked before, have you?

4. It becomes clear which other competitors are on their radar screen;

5. Your executives are all on the same page with a 30-seconds-to-read Plan.

Not drafting the Strategic Account Plan, but implementing and making it part of your Key Account culture, is what makes it successful. At THOS that's just what we do, ensure you and your key customers can measure the positive impact of this initiative!