Impacting desired outcome is our never-ending mission


'What has changed since your company's IPO?'

'Forecast accuracy! Today, we talk to business analysts and they expect us to disclose precise business outlooks for the next 3 to 12 months. If we fail to do so, the impact on our stock price might be dramatic,' was the instant reply of the CEO.

Back in 1997, Bruno Segers - my former boss at Lotus Development - introduced a particular Sales incentive: 'I will reward that Sales person reaching 100% of forecast. If none of you, the one achieving 99% or 101% of forecast will win.' Again, forecast accuracy was in scope, more than over-achieving.

1,5 year ago, I personally announced with proud and enthousiasm: 'Together with our Sales professionals, we've developed the Reality Circle® to guarantee forecast accuracy.' Today, I have to apologise because I was wrong, and I should have known better. Like with measuring circles in general, there's an almost perfect but infinite number we have to deal with ... π. So, allow we to correct myself: '... we are continuously developing the Reality Circle® to guarantee forecast accuracy.'