Revenue Growth Methodology


'By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human' - Gartner

Already today, buyers are avoiding Sales professionals as long as they possibly can. Instead, they research for information, get advice from their trusted network, attend seminars, look at what their peers are doing ... before accepting a meeting with a Sales professional and 'admit' they're on the market.

The positive outcome is that the probability of reaching revenue growth target for the Sales team will increase, as will their forecast accuracy and the productivity per Sales head. All good news, but are your Sales ready to step up their game and focus on:

1. Acquire in-depth understanding of their customer's business and environment;

2. Identify and talk to all stakeholders on their specific goals, priorities, means deployed to reach goals and metrics to measure success;

3. Challenge the stakeholders on the agreed KPI's;

4. Enable the internal consensus based decision making process;

5. Share the risks and success through a bonus-malus incentive program, both individual and team-based.

How ready is your team?