Sales forecasting should be as accurate as Swiss watches

Forecast accuracy

Some say ...

That Sales forecasting should be as accurate as Swiss watches. They are probably right. Today, though, Sales forecasts are rather projections of dreams. To make an exact science from your Sales forecasting, always take 3 must do's into account:

1. Have your own Sales cycle crystallised;

2. Have your client's Buying process identified or how do your customers make their buying decisions?

3. Match your Sales cycle with your customer's Buying process and reflect this alignment in your CRM.

Sales professionals have end-to-end control over their Sales cycle and the Buying process of their customers. In other words, they're doing the right things right at the right time with the right people. Their Sales forecasts are always as accurate as Swiss watches.

Others wear replica watches while waiting at the finish line for their customers to appear, but they won't.

So, (over)achievers don't make forecasts, they make their own weather.

On that bombshell, we wish you all a pleasant week-end!