Why make a yearly Sales Plan?

A yearly Sales Plan
Your tactics

Your Sales strategy is about Doing the right thing(s) and has a time horizon of 3 to 5 years. It is the foundation of Sales excellence. To help you execute the Sales strategy you also require a Sales plan which provides insights in Doing the right thing(s) right.

In the Sales plan Sales people are involved and commited to contribute to the Sales strategy execution based on initiatives and resources planned over the upcoming fiscal year.

The most frequent pitfalls noticed, are:

  • The Sales strategy is not communicated or enough repeated
  • (Sales) people are not sure about their individual contribution to the Sales strategy

To remedy these, we suggest a Sales plan - referred to as MOPS at THOS - to provide answers at least to the below questions:

  • Market: What is our market?
  • Objectives: What objectives are we targetting?
  • Portfolio: What products or services do we want to sell? Why should our customers buy?
  • Sales: What Sales engine are we putting in place? (Direct vs. Channel vs. Online vs. Inside Sales vs. Field Sales vs...)

As a conclusion, the Sales plan aligns top-down objectives setting with bottom-up initiatives and resources planning.