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Your strategy

Weeks ago at the Revenue summit of Sales Hacker, one of the key-speakers confronted the audience: 'What is your personal mission?'


'What has changed since your company's IPO?'

Draft your e-mail to perfection
Tips and tricks

Sitting two hours a day in front of your Inbox for the past 10+ years has turned you into a mailing expert. Every mail you send out receives the response you expect.

How strategic are you to your customer?

Every once in a while, the roof is on fire! Rumours spread - in your sales organisation - that one of your top customers 'might' be implementing another solution any time now.

Reach your sales number, sales target, reach quota
Your tactics

3 points of focus on your must-win opportunities and you will achieve your numbers!


Tips and tricks

When you approach someone for the 1st time, ...

- you get exactly 20 seconds to make that person curious over the phone;

Services Ambassadors program

According to Copperberg AB, the specialist events organiser for the global manufacturing industry


Some say that returns on Sales training investments are close to 0. They are probably right.



From the outside the perspective is different. In addition, third party insights are not biased.

Tips and tricks

What is your market?

How big is your market?

What does your 'ideal' customer look like?

Where are they?