Scaling your business

What we hear in the market:

'Only 5% of Start-ups grow into Scale-ups' (Source: Stefan Olivier, Markets Leader EY)

'We have been experiencing growing pains ever since we started hiring Sales people, leading to consecutive mis-recruitments' (Nr. 1 challenge experienced by growing companies)

Vision: Scale-ups prefer to focus on core competencies and assets, and hire external business maturity to turn over their assets into €

Mission: BUILD Sales fundamentals, have them VALIDATED on real opportunities, and finally SCALE the Sales channels.


Offer 1. Roadmap-to-Growth or 'De Sales Valies'

What you get:

  • Validated Sales fundamentals to scale 
  • Sustainable and scalable growth reducing considerably misalignment and subpar results

What we do:

  • A 7-days journey to co-develop your Roadmap-to-Growth, including the BUILD, VALIDATE and SCALE outline


Offer 2. Big Deal Coaching:

What you get:

  • Increase your win-rate on Must Win opportunities
  • Strengthen your capacity to turn over your assets into €€€
  • Faster self-financing and less dependency of external funding 
  • Know your customer's business with a co-creation strategy plan

What we do:

  • Jointly create a Big Deal plan and approach
  • Jointly create your Strategic Account Plan
  • Lead you along the end-to-end Sales and Buying cycles, in all interactions with customer stakeholders
  • Outline the need for large deals (or not) to scale 


Offer 3. Key Performace Metrics or Your Cockpit

Impactful measurement of

  • The achievement potential of your Sales Plan
  • Sales Funnel vs Target: delta insights allowing for immediate rectification 
  • Does your bonus plan reflect your strategy?
  • Lead generation: inbound vs outbound efforts
  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Success, what can they jointly achieve and how/where/when to optimise?


Offer 4. Sales (management) as a Service:

What you get:

  • (Over-)achievement of KPIs resulting into bonus/malus variable compensation
  • Comfort to laser-focus on your strenghts

What we do:

  • Assign a Growth or Transformation manager
  • Run and measure your (international) Sales operations against agreed KPIs
  • Set up a revenue Sales engine, from lead to deal
  • Develop (in)direct Sales channels
  • Prepared handover once you are ready to autonomously take over Sales operations


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