Your Sales operations
Your Sales tactics
Your Sales strategy
The Revenue Scan
Your Sales operations

Only companies with Sales culture continuously invest in their Sales operations excellence

What was your recent investment in People, Processes and Tools?

Your Sales tactics

Doing the right thing(s) right

What is your Revenue plan for next fiscal year?

Your Sales strategy

Doing the right thing(s)

What is your company mission over the next 3 years?

The Revenue Scan

Each year companies run a financial audit. Excellent organisations also conduct a Revenue scan.

Measure and analyse performance metrics, understand team alignment and the gap to optimal performance and design the returns on investment roadmap.

When did you recently perform a Revenue scan?

Stay in control
We invested in the Easi Reality Circle® to enable our Sales to understand the customer's buying decision and to stay in control of the Sales cycle. Bruno has a perfect understanding of what a sales cycle looks like and gave our team the tool box they needed.
Thomas Van Eeckhout
CEO Partner
Bernard Massard
RECRUIT your Sales

1. Permanent recruitment

'Sales best recruit Sales!' is what our customers have experienced. As Sales professionals we are best positioned to reduce your risks of mis-recruitment.

2. Sales outsourcing

Organizations consider Sales outsourcing when introducing new offerings, penetrating new markets, growing in Sales maturity or going through a transformation.

3. Sales leader for transformation and (international) growth

Refreshing insights from an outside Sales leader are warmly recommended to guide Salesforces through transformation and (international) growth.

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TRAIN your Sales

1. The Reality Circle® program

'Forecast accuracy is probably the most under-estimated KPI. The impact on resources planning for services organisations, on production planning for industrial companies or on next quarter's business outlook for stock market listed organisations is substantial.'

2. Challenge your customer!

When we ask companies why they bought from their suppliers, they answer: 'Because that particular Sales rep (or Services engineer) was able to understand us, and brought innovative insights into our business we were not even aware of. We learnt something new.' (Source: Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index 2016)

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ASSESS your Sales

Our customers testify: 'We have to reinvent ourselves, and our people have to extend or leave their comfort zones as well.'

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COACH your Sales

Big deal coaching is the answer to the end-of-quarter Sales funnel meltdown.

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