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Your Sales tactics
Your Sales strategy
The Revenue Scan
Your Sales operations

Only companies with Sales culture continuously invest in their Sales operations excellence

What was your recent investment in People, Processes and Tools?

Your Sales tactics

Doing the right thing(s) right

What is your Revenue plan for next fiscal year?

Your Sales strategy

Doing the right thing(s)

What is your company mission over the next 3 years?

The Revenue Scan

Each year companies run a financial audit. Excellent organisations also conduct a Revenue scan.

Measure and analyse performance metrics, understand team alignment and the gap to optimal performance and design the returns on investment roadmap.

When did you recently perform a Revenue scan?

The success of a CRM introduction depends mainly on the adoption of it
When introducing a CRM, the majority of time and efforts is spent in the proper technical implementation and its preparation. THOS' Reality Circle® helped us to include BDO-specific processes to make our CRM more as a supporting platform for the business. This way we were able to achieve more buy-in from and adoption by the end-users
Johan De Cooman
BDO Management Advisory
BDO Belgium
What's in for me?
The unbiased belief from external Sales professionals eased the buy-in from our stakeholders
Herman Wijckmans
Sales & Marketing Director
CRM adoption

- Customer feedback:

'A company without CRM is like a pub without beer.'

- What you GET:

  • Adoption of your CRM by all stakeholders in the company (= Sales, Marketing, Services, Management, etc.)
  • Improved communication within the company and with customers

- What we DO:

  • 'What's in for you?' workshop involving all stakeholders
  • Agree on mutual give and takes
  • Guidelines for a 'consistent' use of the CRM
Performance Intelligence

- Customer feedback:

'Make Sales a more 'exact science', going away from raw data to actionable information'

- What you GET:

  • Identify potential revenue upswing
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Improved customer retention
  • Focus and time management
  • Management performance dashboard

- What we DO:

  • Pre-analysis
  • Customised customer analytics
  • Management presentation
  • Analytics in action
  • Behavioral adoption
  • Project management and consultancy in selection and introduction of BI tool