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What drives clients to choose for you? How to transform a sales organisation to face new challenges ahead? Looking for a permanent behavior change long after sales training is completed? How strategic are your Top 5 customers? Is your Services team detecting new opportunities? Are you reaching targets? How to increase business within your Dealer & Distributor network? How accurate are your forecasts? THOS deliver to impact your desired outcome.

Bruno Desmet
Managing Partner
No trust, no business!
If you bring new insights to your customers' business, they'll trust you and do business with you. Otherwise, they'll only listen while you'll have pleasant meetings
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Agility rules


Customer survey (in order of priority)

Reasons for not buying:

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Sophie Vandriessche
Managing Partner
Reinvent yourself to create value
The world changes every second, opportunities are there to grab
Feel free to contact me about:
  • Build, scale & innovate sales teams
  • Ignite and accelerate direct and channel Sales throughout EMEA
  • The Revenue Scan: a revenues on Sales investment roadmap
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A 1-minute on onboarding 


You hold financial audits.

But how often do you

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Our Assocation

All THOS associates have extensive and complementary backgrounds in Sales. This will allow us - as a center of Sales expertises - to address the most actual and diverse challenges experienced by Sales organisations. We warmly invite you to check our Linkedin profiles.

Christoph Meunier

Head of Development, Associate
Improve your game and achieve the goals you set yourself!
Sales is a cocktail of guts, confidence, discipline, charisma, soft skills, state of mind and courage. THOS coaches you to blend it!

Morris Geissler

Head of the Netherlands & Germany, Associate
Winners have a plan
Opportunities don't arise, you have to create them

Paolo Benecchi

Head of Italy, Associate
Improve yourself relentlessly and you can achieve the unthinkable
Continuous development of knowledge and experience, pushing ourselves to become better every day, allow us to evolve and to follow paths, congruent to each other, to effectively and efficiently pursue challenging and achievable goals

Jun Gao

Head of China - Europe business, Associate
Sam Delaere

Sam Delaere

Associate - Sales Operations
Together we'll succeed
Execute plan A step-by-step, so there won't be a need for a plan B