Why The House Of Sales?

Why The House of Sales?

As an Association of Sales professionals we always measure impact on desired outcome, on the basis of which we earn our bonus/malus compensation.

What customers ask:

'How do you differentiate as an association of Sales professionals?

Our corporate customers have the firm intention to transform their Sales operations, get alignment around their Sales plans, or even question their Sales strategy. Start-ups and scale-ups require guidance to close their first 3 deals, achieve funding conditions or to deploy their Sales fundamentals for sustainable growth. Based on initial business sparrings, The House Of Sales will develop a customer-specific roadmap-to-growth, only including initiatives which have impact on the business KPIs. Before engaging, we measure the base line. Once our assignment is completed, we will measure again, and get compensated with a bonus or malus resulting from our impact on the desired outcome. 

We are continuously reinventing ourselves to address evolving market circumstances. Our Sales professionals have the business maturity to deal with and remedy the most actual and diverse challenges experienced by our clients. As an example, if today's decisions are made based on consensus between 6,7 stakeholders on average, we'll lead Sales teams through this more complex and time consuming buying process and make sure a 'permanent' behavior change is adopted. Or, if our client recently completed an IPO and is rated on the stock market, we'll team up to substantially improve his forecast accuracy. 


'How are you compensated?'


Our rates are based on the business maturity of the Sales professional involved, the type and the size of assignment. In longer term transformation projects, where THOS have a measurable impact on agreed KPI's, we accept a bonus/malus compensation. After all, we are Sales!


'What background do you have related to our industry?'

Most THOS associates have an extensive background in complex Business-to-Business environments. Our customers are mainly in Technologies or Services industries. On a case-by-case, we accept missions in other industries provided we are 100% convinced to (over-)achieve the targets or expectations agreed.


'What size of clients are you working for?'

We used to work for corporates or major national and global companies. Since our KMO-P certification by the Flemish Government in 2015, we are addressing the Education and (Strategic) Advice requirements of SMB's. In that perspective, THOS is accompanying start-ups to acquire (additional) funding from Private Equity and scale-ups to ensure faster and sustainable growth.


'In what markets and languages do you perform?'

Our home country is Belgium. Since 2011 we deliver globally, also on a longer term basis.  We have local THOS associates in The Netherlands + Germany, Italy and China. We currently cover Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.


'Finally, why should we choose for THOS?'

We measure impact on desired outcome, leading to our bonus or malus compensation. But, why talk even more about ourselves if our customers have far better stories to share? Have a scroll through our referrals and we warmly welcome your ideas, questions and challenges.



Bring insights and value to your customer's business and they will buy from you. Maintain a high-standard of service and they will be loyal
Since 2004 we have lead Belgian and global companies to turn over their commercial assets in the most effective and refreshing way. In each assignment we seek at growing revenues, lowering costs and controlling operational risks of our customer
Increase revenues and margins
Decrease costs of Sales
Control operational risks
Prove value to our customer's customers
Build and run a successful sales engine thanks to THOS
As a non-commercial CEO, I am now able to close over 1,7M€ a year in 35% of my time. THOS has coached me to recognize the traits of a strong Sales manager, how to recruit business developers most likely to succeed and grow them into top performers
Dominique De Cooman
CEO Dropsolid