Our Sales professionals share a 115+ years of international Business Development background in leading Technology, SaaS and Services companies with double to triple digit growth in EMEA markets

To date, The House Of Sales have exceeded 160 recurring customers, including corporates, SMBs and scaling companies

Our customers are dealing with long lasting Sales and complex Buying processes, meanly in B2B

Since 2004, The House Of Sales have been reinventing themselves:

  • The Revenue suitcase® for scaling companies is digitised in Manual.to
  • The Reality Circle® is integrated as go-to-market process automation in the Professional and Enterprise versions of HubSpot
  • We make our workshops available online through your inhouse L&D platform

Since 2020, The House Of Sales have been jointly selected by Startit@KBC and Netwerk Ondernemen (Réseau Entreprendre) as Masters of Ceremony for MarketMe, an acceleration program sponsored by VLAIO (Flemish Government)

The House Of Services, The House Of Communications and The House Of Purchasing are other brands from The House Of Sales