You ask

As a founder I have no Sales background, and it's premature to hire a Chief Revenue Officer. Who should lead my Sales operations?

When is the time right to hire a Chief Revenue Officer?

I need Sales mentoring, and I can't wait until my next Advisory Board. What option(s) do I have?

Besides ad hoc insights and support on Sales, I sometimes look for a more structured collaboration. Where can I get it?

Who can lead our Sales meetings?

We answer

C-shadowing is combining Revenue mentoring with hands-on advisor for founders of early stage companies

First, we scope C-shadowing based on ad hoc interventions and pro-active initiatives

Second, we agree on a number of C-shadowing days per year, with a minimum of 1 day per month

C-shadowing benefits reported are:

- You have an ad hoc sounding board for urgent and important Sales matters

- Your Sales strategy gets challenged

- Your Sales stays on the strategic agenda (incl. Advisory Board)

- Your outside-in view to drive your reInvent

- Your Sales plan gets challenged

- Your finger on the pulse for Sales operations, with a focus on people, processes and tools

- Your Sales DNA gets shaped, leading to company value creation

- Squeezing time through reducing your growing pains

- Community and business introductions through matchmaking