To foster our massive growth ambitions, we teamed-up with THOS to build and expand our Sales capacity. We worked on our so-called 'Sales valise' providing crisp value-propositions for our clients. THOS helped us in developing the content & messaging as well as training our sales executives to focus on true customer values. As a result, we have improved the Sales skills of our existing Sales and are now ready to scale fast for new Sales people joining us


Communication is quite a difficult, yet crucial skill to have in every contact, both professionally and in private life. Baloise Insurance puts the customer first by creating the 'Simply Safe' feeling which we want to emphasize in every communication

Dioss Smart Solutions

The Reality Circle® methodology assures our business development managers a higher forecast accuracy by impacting the desired outcome of our sales processes. By better understanding the current and future needs of our customers during different phases throughout the sales cycle, our business development managers stay in control and create sustainable partnerships with our clients.


easi is continuously hiring graduates and high potentials at the start of their career. Therefore easi offer them a growth path supported by a curriculum of development programs. That's why we have decided to team up with the IT Sales and Services professionals from The House Of Sales and The House Of Services. We started our collaboration back in 2017


We are a technology driven organisation. To accelerate growth, we had to invest in tools that enable us to sell more, and differentiate us from the competition. Our Sales suitcase will be of tremendous help to that perspective

Inetum Realdolmen

Inetum realdolmen project and service managers serve customer satisfaction to improve loyalty and bring additional business in return. In addition, our Sales are expected to make the difference in a world of lookalike products and services, and resources scarcity

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is in the process of evolving from a world-leader in Managed Print Services to a technology provider in the Intelligent Connected Workplace. To this end, we have assigned The House Of Sales to create and deliver the Evolve programs to lead our customer facing teams in this transition


Besides using the right project methodology and technical know-how, taking ownership and accountability is just as important. By guiding and advising the customer with the right communication style and technique, talented IT professionals can let their technical excellence really shine through. At the end of the day, these are crucial skills to deliver the desired customer success and impact. That’s why we invested in the Services Ambassadors program for our technology consultants. We want them to represent their personal and Xylos’ added value in the best possible light

Agfa HealthCare

In our collaboration the focus was on: - Enable our Sales people and dealers to apply a smarter competitive approach and gain a stronger market position - Introducing a 'consistent' Sales approach and behavior for AGFA Imaging Sales teams on a global basis - Professionalise our Sales operations: metrics and processes should rule over feelings and assumptions


Sales is woven into the entire company. Anyone who is in contact with customers promotes the firm. The way of selling, service and communication is crucial to win new orders. I personally already had a training from The House of Sales before I decided the entire AirX team should benefit from it. I really recommend it to everyone!


We faced the challenge to onboard a new commercial team, and wanted to train and equip them with the best available tools and a common approach towards Sales

BDO Belgium

When introducing our CRM, the success of this project was certainly depending on a smooth technical implementation but above all on the company-wide adoption of this platform. By nature, CRM are static containers of information.


The business environment Cegeka operates in, demands for a thorough knowledge of their customers. Understanding where customers are heading to, allows for the Cegeka Account Management team to accompany them in the implementation of that strategy.


We invested in our Sales suitcase to professionalise, structure our Sales team and make it more dedicated. The Sales suitcase gives you and your team something to hold on that is also scalable for the future


Today’s prime challenge for IT teams is to interact in a customer-oriented way with the Business community. After all, their in house customer expects continuous and transparent communication and collaboration allowing IT to grow in their role as business partner


We wanted to motivate our engineers and consultants on client premises to be able to communicate in a different, more commercial way in order to detect new services and solutions with our existing installed customer base. In addition, it creates more customer loyalty and satisfaction if technical skilled engineers pay attention to proper communication and follow up

Go Nogo

We wanted to switch our Sales approach from a re-active - receiving calls from customers - to pro-active - reaching out to customers. Therefore we needed to understand who our customers are, why they need our solution and how to execute a Sales approach. This step by step approach, going from a first contact to deal closure was delivered in a well structured way


Approx. 70% of our IBM Software Group business is generated through our Business Partner’s network. As a consequence, we wanted to prepare these Sales teams and channels to have an even stronger control over the end-to-end Sales cycles leading to a better forecast accuracy


The continuous changing business environment and customers' expectations created a lot of challenges. Getting a positive impact on sales erosion and customer satisfaction was paramount to deliver the expected results

KBC Bank en Verzekeringen

Continuous attention is given to improving the pro-activity, and the communication and commercial skills of our insurance agents, retail and corporate professionals, to embrace today's phygital world

We wilden standaardisatie krijgen in ons Sales proces, en het stroomlijnen zodat nieuwe Sales sneller up-and-running zouden zijn


The Reality Circle® workshop allowed us to improve the selling skills of our Sales team


For 3 consecutive years, we have rolled out an end-to-end development program, from Sales people assessments over collective Sales workshops to individual Sales coaching. The quarter-end deal coaching of our Sales turned out to be a no-brainer, since It did allow us to improve our conversion ratio. On top, the win-back of a 'lost' opportunity was the icing on the cake


Our Services professionals are the eyes and ears of Zetes, and by having a better understanding of the Sales process, they communicate with customers in more effective way

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