You ask

How can our Sales team make the difference in a world of lookalike products or services?

How can we improve on forecast accuracy?

How can we accelerate the decision process of our clients?

How can we improve our win conversion?

Which leads should we focus on, which not?

How do we lead all stakeholders into a consensus in our favor?

How do we deal with silence on the part of the customer?

How should we deal with business objections?

We answer

First, we'll compose The Reality Circle® training specific to your company, including your products, your services and familiar customer scenarios. Moreover, we'll will further tailor based on the current (dis-)comfort zones of your Sales team

Second, we run a 2-days Sales training leading your Sales to take control over your end-to-end Sales process, and also taking control over de decision process of your clients. Consider this training as a workshop since your Sales teams work on your Sales content (email/phone triggers, diagnose questions, value propositions, etc.)

Finally, and for adoption reasons, we'll have 1 or 2 follow-up sessions during which your Sales will report 'What did(n't) work, and why?'

The Reality Circle® has been selected as Sales automation process in the Professional and Enterprise versions of HubSpot. Other CRM platforms are considered