Measuring impact

Why talk about ourselves?

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Stay in control
We invested in the Easi Reality Circle® to enable our Sales to understand the customer's buying decision and to stay in control of the Sales cycle. Bruno has a perfect understanding of what a sales cycle looks like and gave our team the tool box they needed.
Thomas Van Eeckhout
The success of a CRM introduction depends mainly on the adoption of it
When introducing a CRM, the majority of time and efforts is spent in the proper technical implementation and its preparation. THOS' Reality Circle® helped us to include BDO-specific processes to make our CRM more as a supporting platform for the business. This way we were able to achieve more buy-in from and adoption by the end-users
Johan De Cooman
BDO Belgium
Stronger partnerships
The Strategic Account Plan allows for our Account Managers to go deeper into the dialogue with their key customers, to better understand their current and future needs and to strenghten and extend the partnership.
Wim Cardinaels
This deal coaching took place 3 years in a row. What else to say?
We teamed up with an external partner experienced with our business.This way, our business partners benefit fom individual deal coaching delivered by unbiased professionals in software sales. As a result, we noticed that far more focus was given to IBM licenses sales, forecast accuracy improved and targets were achieved