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Squeeze the time to earn first revenues


Build 1 Revenue team, consisting of Marketing, Sales and Services, and pack your Revenue suitcase®


Take control over your Sales process and the Buying process of your clients, leading to forecast accuracy and conversion



Humans live longer than companies. Today's start-ups spend less than a decade to take leading market positions. On the other hand, corporates have to start up - go back to day 1 - every day


We enable scaling companies to Invent, Build and Accelerate, and corporates to reInvent, reBuild and reAccelerate.

Offering for scaling SMBs

Your Sales channels will benefit from your Revenue suitcase® when adopting a consistent go-to-market process and sharing consistent messages. The time needed to acquire new customers gets squeezed!

Offering for scaling corporates

We transform Marketing, Sales and Services into 1 Revenue team, behaving as experts in the business of your clients

What if we identify 2 quick wins supporting your Sales to take more control over their leads and opportunities?

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The Dioss Sales suitcase will enhance our control throughout the Sales process, from start to finish

Saar De Zutter

IT is part of the business!

THOS succeeded to develop key IT staff - e.g. project leaders - to communicate and collaborate with the internal customers in a balanced and 'commercially' appropriate way

Bart Smets

The Services Ambassadors program was a bulls-eye!

THOS developed a Services Ambassadors program for our customer service teams and application specialists. The pragmatic approach of best practices in combination with Intertek-specific roleplay scenarios helped the teams to improve their communication skills and ability to explore up- and cross-sell opportunities. The participants were enthousiast and energised

Morris Geissler

This Services Ambassadors program led to more leads and sales.

Although attending the program with initial reluctance, it soon turned out to be an eye-opener. Our Services engineers discovered better ways of communicating. They also learned how to identify new opportunities and take them up with the customer

Peter De Winter
"Customer loyalty is the result from being customer centric and results driven. We have challenged The House Of Services to create an open mindset amongst our Services professionals to take ownership of the relationship with existing clients"
Jo Leemans
"Be a good doctor for our clients! After the program our Service Delivery professionals deal and speak with the customers in a more constructive way. This will allow us to deliver even more added value for the clients"
Gilbert Wellemans
"As non-banking (non-insurance) experts, THOS proved that a ‘pro-active’ market approach was leading to more leads, opportunities and wins in the Brussels SMB market. As a result, we were eager to understand and learn how they were creating curiosity en generate interest amongst non-clients to start a banking and/or insurance relation with KBC. As a Branch manager at that time, I recommended to have a coach-the-commercial coach program."
Karl Gauchez
"Services professionals are our eyes and ears at existing customers After the Services Ambassadors program, our Engineers and Consultants feel far more comfortable to go into (difficult) conversations with our existing customers. And when identifying additional opportunities, they are capable to ask appropriate questions, create curiosity and get interest from their contacts to eventually grow our collaboration. Next to that, THOS created a group dynamic through the development program resulting in extra motivation, extra revenue & margin and fun"
Peter Willekens
"The House Of Sales learned us how to become a partner with your customer. First, decide on type of customer you want to live with and be selective in the choice. Then, start dating with them, listen how they behave, have conversations with their best friends and make yourself attractive. Once the house is in fire, propose solutions for a long term relationship with respect for both needs. Never bypass a crucial step, put yourself on the same level, dare to say NO, close the deal decently and act as a partner in good and bad days"
Wim Coremans
"The combination of Bruno Desmet with The Reality Circle are the best booster your Sales team can get"
Kris Verheye
"THOS ran collective workshops with our Sales executives on messaging, qualifying, handling trigger questions, negotiations by doing role-playing. Several Sales were taken out of their comfort zones, but after all learned and enjoyed it"
Andre Willems
"We had a new Sales team, and onboarded them with a great approach, tools, techniques and many do's and don'ts to start their journey with the company"
Mario Mees
"De Sales suitcase heeft ervoor gezorgd dat ons Sales proces 25% sneller gaat door duidelijk afgelijnde acties"
Jorim Rademaker
"Together with The House Of Sales, we’ve been able to coach than 80 (!) startup founders in only two years. Result? 80 founders who actually start loving to do Sales, to tell their story and build a well-oiled and professional sales machine for the years to come. The amount of impact the team from The House Of Sales has on our startups and founders in a very short amount of time is astonishing. Leaving a lifelong mark on their sales processes — no doubt."
Christof Anthonissen
"USPs don’t matter in a Sales process unless you ask the 'So what? question on each of them. Then you translate your USPs into UBRs, Unique Buying Reasons"
Dirk Merken
"Bruno had a major challenge: turning a tech nerd driven organisation into a tech organisation with a V12 Sales engine. Fortunately, Bruno accepted the challenge. He even added “Koen, you're gone drive around with a sticker on your car mentioning 'I love Sales'. Bruno makes sure that his 35 years of experience as a Sales Professional and his 15 years as a business owner also helps us to overcome general business issues. He listens, inspires, helps, trains, and motivates me and my colleagues and creates new opportunities where possible. We are making great progress!"
Koen Verlinde
"The House Of Sales doesn’t only make your Sales team structured and organised, above all they make you feel proud to be a Sales professional"
Sander van den dries
"Our consultants didn’t just learn how to increase customer satisfaction. The Services Ambassadors program contributed to the quality of our service portfolio. The key outcome? Our value proposition echoes more strongly with our customers, because our consultants apply it consistently through daily action and interaction."
Koen Hautekeete
"Not only did our co-workers receive an interesting training on communication skills, THOS created contagious dynamics and positive vibes that boosted us to roll up our sleeves."
Klaartje De Groof
"We were not interested in a traditional skills training. Our Sales and Services professionals were impatient to make more impact when guiding our customers in pre- and after-Sales."
Philipp Emmenegger
"THOS Sales professionals apply an interactive and challenging approach to grow our global Sales teams: Instilling a belief that we can make the difference, cultivating an open-minded curiosity and properly arming our teams to serve customers and handle competition."
Herman Raats
"We called upon The House Of Sales to exchange refreshing insights on our business in transition. Together we organised a development roadmap allowing our Sales and Services professionals to grow and deal with these changing customer expectations. Today, we embrace this change and the inevitable impact on our organisation and people behavior."
Xavier Biermez
"We teamed up with an external partner experienced with our business.This way, our business partners benefit fom individual deal coaching delivered by unbiased professionals in software sales. As a result, we noticed that far more focus was given to IBM licenses sales, forecast accuracy improved and targets were achieved."
Laurent Boes
"The Strategic Account Plan allows for our Account Managers to go deeper into the dialogue with their key customers, to better understand their current and future needs and to strengthen and extend the partnership"
Wim Cardinaels
"When introducing a CRM, the majority of time and efforts is spent in the proper technical implementation and its preparation. THOS' Reality Circle® helped us to include BDO-specific processes to make our CRM more as a supporting platform for the business. This way we were able to achieve more buy-in from and adoption by the end-users."
Johan De Cooman
"We invested in The easi Reality Circle® to enable our Sales to understand the customer's buying decision and to stay in control of the Sales cycle. Bruno has a perfect understanding of what a sales cycle looks like and gave our team the tool box they needed."
Thomas Van Eeckhout