SCOOP: HubSpot versions powered by The Reality Circle®

What if your CRM gets opened as frequently as a beer tap in a pub?

To promote CRM adoption, Sales professionals ask to be lead through their Sales process while keeping control over the Buying process of their clients. Keeping control over both processes will drive their pro-activeness, result into better forecast accuracy(*) and ultimately generate more wins.

HubSpot Professional and Enterprise versions powered by The Reality Circle® will be the Sales professionals’ best companion, much to the delight of Marketing and Management.

What if all stages of your Go-to-Market process could be converted to HubSpot Sales Hub? You would have email templates, sequences, Sales automation workflows, Sales playbooks, qualification of stakeholders and leads, Sales performance, revenue prediction reporting and more all in your CRM.

Would you like a CRM that measures everything from the 1st anonymous website visit - oh yes, your marketing department will love it too - to a signed deal? Add the innovative and user friendly Sales enablement features of HubSpot to the mix and you’ll have a Sales engine shifted to top gear.

This asset was jointly developed by Siteworx and The House Of Sales.

*Top-2 answer (76%) in our ongoing poll ‘What’s on the CEO’s radar screen?’

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