Forecast accuracy is the number 2 answer (76%) to the never-ending 'What's on the CEO's radarscreen?' survey hold by The House Of Sales

If forecasting is inaccurate, you have stock volatility when your company is listed, delivery issues when you are in production or billability concerns when you are delivering services

How can you expect your Sales to be pro-active and in control if there's no consistent go-to-market process in place? The 5% Sales professionals out there are in control over their Sales process AND they also take controle over the decision process of their clients. Even better, the 5% Sales professionals first build trust, then get blood on the wall, next prove contribution (in €€€) to the client's business, and finally ... (conscious pause) ... they are asked by their customers to help them make a consensus decision in the Sales pro's favor

Sales professionals are masters in forecast accuracy, and as such win more and lose earlier. They succeed to turn Sales into maths