From the outside the perspective is different. In addition, third party insights are not biased.

At the start, Sales Directors tend to perceive a Sales Audit or Quickscan as threatening. It should not be the case. When an external party runs a Quickscan, the Sales Director will get different and refreshing insights into his Sales operations. By no means, it is a judgment on his personal effectiveness or functioning which is ultimate the scope of an assessment.

A Sales Quickscan is different from a Financial Audit. The latter is conducted following the fiscal year end. Contrary to that, the Sales Quickscan is run along the fiscal year and at different intervals e.g. with 6 months in-between. Finally, a Sales Quickscan also contains both quantitative and qualitative points of attention and will feed your Sales plan with initiatives for the upcoming year.

As a conclusion, the returns on Sales Quickscan investments are proven. Consider a Sales Quickscan at regular intervals as a 'no brainer'. Sales Directors of our customers will testify.