Companies recruit when they have to, when there's a vacancy.

Time pressured, corporates call upon their internal recruitment services to initiate a ... remote search and selection, or they eventually call upon a recruitment firm, 'specialised' in all disciplines, cross-industry. The never-ending onboarding put aside, the 1st step in mis-recruitment is taken.

In growing companies, most is fine until the 1st recruitment of Sales. Regardless their non-Sales background, founders do quite well though in signing up 1st customers and orders. Then, they get blinded by the Hollywood stories from Supersales candidates. The never-ending onboarding put aside, ...

We recommend the following Sales recruitment best practices:

- Always be recruiting, to avoid selecting the best of the worst candidates;
- Prepare the ideal Sales profile and function scoring card to objectify the selection;
- 'Sales best recruit Sales!' Have a Sales pro on your side - assuming the role of bad cop - to expose the candidates to delicate Sales stuff;
- If you work with an external recruiter, make sure they focus on Sales in your industry;
- Have a Sales suitcase to lightspeed the onboarding to a few ... days.

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