We hear it daily: 'We want more leads!' And at the same time, the phone seem to weigh 30 kg heavier when calling a prospect: 'Yes, because cold calling is dead, especially now!' It gets even worse: 'And by the way, I'm too busy with my existing customers, so let's involve a Tele Marketing Agency'. A few months later ... 'These expensive leads were rubbish!'

Together with our clients, The House Of Services develop a tailored Services Ambassadors program to grow your field services experts into field services ambassadors: 'If we fix the problem, and we also fix the customer, that customer will buy more from us!'

Today, The House Of Services count over 25 customers all over EMEA for which we have tsunamied their CRM with leads coming from their technical, financial, fiscal, legal experts assigned in existing clients. And, the more different products and services 1 customer is buying from your experts, the longer that customer will stay.

The icing on the cake is that we free extra time for your Sales to ... warm call new prospects.

This post is only valuable to companies pursuing massive growth ambitions.

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