Over-managed (Sales people)

Congratulations! You succeeded to hire a Sales pro and complete his/her onboarding in max. 1 week (!). Next business showstopper is about Sales people being over-managed and under-coached.

When we were exploring on the agendas of Sales management and their teams, agendas were booked with approx. 70% ‘verplichte nummertjes’, recurring in-company meetings, reporting and pre-Sales. So, there was only 30% time left to (over-)achieve targets.
In a period Covid was referred to as a possible name for a dog, I suggested to control-alt-delete agendas and lock-up laptops in a room for at least 1 month to measure the impact. At that occasion, I was overruled by sr. management: ‘We welcome your recommendation, but …’

So, make sure that your Sales pros spend no more than 1 day per week in the office to handle all non-customer-interacting activities.

Having 80% of their time set free to deal with customers, allowing them to keep end-to-end control over their leads and opportunities, I bet you’ll have an over-achieving Sales team. That Sales does lack control over their funnel, is a different pair of sleeves and is related to a lack of coaching.

That’s all for now, folks!

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