You finally succeeded to recruit 1 of the rare Sales ‘professionals’, representing only 5% of all Sales out there.

And next?

‘We have a Sales onboarding process!’ This is what we hear from corporates. Corporates have processes for everything, they are ‘built to suck’, isn’t it Joseph Jaffe? To us, an onboarding process sounds like … let’s waste some valuable time. When you’re listening to any key note of Jurgen Ingels, we bet he’ll say ‘Squeezing time!’

‘Olrait, our onboarding takes <piep> amount of time because we have a broad and complex portfolio of assets. Therefore, we have an onboarding curriculum in place, consisting of ... product and solution trainings.’

On the contrary, growing companies welcome their new hires with a ‘do-it-yourself’ onboarding: ‘You’ll find all relevant information in our …’

Allow me to provide you with some lightspeed onboarding best practices:

  1. Onboarding should be completed in max. 3 working days. Maximum, since the Sales lifetime is further decreasing ...;
  2. Prepare a Sales suitcase including … and this is the olympic minimum:
  • Your vision and mission: To inspire and be relevant to C-level;
  • Your 202x Sales plan and individual 202x compensation plan;
  • Industry intelligence: To behave as an expert in the business of your clients;
  • Per key asset, Diagnose questions: To cultivate sense of importance and urgency (‘no shit, no business’)
  • Per key asset, Value propositions: to prove ROI;
  • Your Sales process aligned with the Buying process of your clients: Allowing to always be in control over complex customer decision taking;
  • Consistent usage guidelines for better CRM adoption;
  • ...

3. Prepare 1-to-1’s with key stakeholders in your company

That’s all for now, folks!