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Co-creating value with our customers
When turning a team of engineers into Ambassadors, we are better positioned to co-create opportunities and value together with our customers
Rudi Jacobs
Energise our Sales teams
THOS Sales professionals apply an interactive and challenging approach to grow our global Sales teams: Instilling a belief that we can make the difference, cultivating an open-minded curiosity and properly arming our teams to serve customers and handle competition
Herman Raats
Agfa HealthCare Global
The success of a CRM introduction depends mainly on the adoption of it
When introducing a CRM, the majority of time en efforts is spent in the proper technical implementation and its preparation. THOS' Reality Circle helped us to include BDO-specific processes to make our CRM more as a supporting platform for the business. This way we were able to achieve more buy-in from and adoption by the end-users
Johan De Cooman
BDO Belgium